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Как сделать trikes

  • Accessories

    Shoulder Pads

    The optional Shoulder Pads are available for use with the Harness System. They offer additional comfort and can be adjusted for riders of all sizes.
  • Accessories

    Harness System

    Our newly developed Harness System with integrated child-proof buckle guard is not only user-friendly, but also versatile: it can be used as a combined lap and shoulder restraint or as a 5-point harness with an additional strap between the legs. Even more comfort can be added with the optional pads.
  • Accessories

    Special Pedals

    We designed our new Special Pedals in cooperation with Georg Busch from the company Ergodynamik Busch. They are much more adjustable to individual needs than other models: for starters, they fit an impressive range of shoe sizes, from US kids' 1/UK kids' 13 / EU 32 to US men's 16 /UK 15.5 / EU 52. And the angle to the direction of travel can also be adjusted over a very wide range. Once all adjustments have been made, the straps can be easily fastened and released with one hand. The foot is held comfortably and securely in the proper position.
  • Accessories

    Tandem Coupling

    With the Tandem Coupling, you can link two trikes to make a tandem. Just mount the coupling to the towing trike, remove the front wheel of the second trike, and attach the fork dropouts to the Coupling.
  • Accessories

    Weber hitch adapter

    With the new Weber hitch adapter, you can even pull trailers that have a standard draw bar.
  • Accessories

    Seat Extension

    More than just adjustable: with the optional extensions for The seat bottom, the surface area is increased, meaning that pressure is even better distributed. For people with disabilities or tall riders.
  • Accessories

    Seat XXL

    The new HASE BIKES seat is also available in XXL. In addition to its extensive adjustability, the seat has 2 ¾ extra inches (7 cm) of space to comfortably accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes
  • Accessories

    Side Pouch

    Those "little things in life" can be kept within arm's reach: there's plenty of space for keys and cell phones in the chic Pouch, which attaches easily to the fender - ideal for day trips with no luggage (not compatible with the KETTWIESEL EVO and KROSS).
  • Accessories

    HASE BIKES LINEAR speed system

    Standard derailleur gears can limit the ground clearance on trikes. This is what motivated HASE BIKES to develop its own derailleur system: the HASE BIKES Linear 9- (or 11-) speed system features, as its name suggests, a linear design and requires so little space beneath the cogs that the trike can even be equipped with the new 11-speed cassette. The components of the derailleur arm are made from top-quality CNC-machined aluminum, guaranteeing precision, as well as the ruggedness required for off-road use.
  • Accessories

    Adjustable seatback

    And on all trikes - with or without motor - the angle of the seatback can be adjusted in a flash, using two quick-release levers.
  • Accessories

    Shimano Steps e-motor

    The new 250 W e-motor with a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h) harmonizes perfectly with your pedal power. Advantage over front motors: significantly more traction on the drive wheel.
  • Accessories

    Foldable frame

    The frame can be quickly and easily folded by opening a joint behind the seat mount. Just fold the seat forward and release the hinged folding joint by pulling a cord. When the joint is open, the rear portion of the trike folds beneath the front. The resulting "trike pack" is approx. 3'3"(1 m) long - depending on the length-adjustment of the front boom - and a little higher than the tires. This means that it will fit into practically any compact hatchback and can be taken with you everywhere for touring and city holidays.
  • Accessories

    Quick-adjust frame

    Another engineering highlight is the quick-adjust frame: the trike can be easily adjusted to the leg lengths of other riders - without having to shorten the chain!
  • Accessories

    Shimano - Di2 Alfine

    Integrated electronic shifting (available only in combination with Stepa Motor)
  • Accessories


    It's the invention that made the car possible: the differential. And on the KETTWIESEL, it's the final ingredient for ultimate riding fun, especially on loose gravel or sand. Specially designed by Marec Hase for the KETTWIESEL, the Differential transfers the pedal power to both rear wheels. It shows its true colors on rough terrain or muddy slopes, where others skid out.
  • Accessories

    rain cover

    It keeps the seat dry in the rain. Or it can also be used for covering a seat that has become wet so that the rider's back and legs stay warm and dry. The cover does more than just protect from rain and moisture: it fits perfectly to the seat contours and has a slip-resistant surface to keep the rider in the seat if used as a cover when riding.
  • Accessories

    Roller Rack

    Once you have a ROLLER RACK, you may never to borrow a hand truck again. It can handle any load up to 55Ib (25Kg): beverage crates, kegs, car tires....
  • Accessories

    Roller Bag Mini

    A 50 L capacity - enough to hold a few days´ worth of groceries, supplies for a two-week trip, or all your photo equipment, including tripod. It can carry up to 26 lb (12 kg) and fits on any KETTWIESEL built after 2006.
  • Accessories

    Roller Bag Maxi

    Whether as a shopping basket or travel bag: the combination of ROLLER BAG and ROLLER RACK can be rolled effortlessly with a fold-out handle (MAXI version only for EVO and KROSS)
  • Accessories

    Foldable Fairing

    The Fairing developed by Marec Hase's team: in rain, it can be taken out of the bag and mounted in seconds. For getting in and out of the seat, it opens as easily as a gull-wing door. For winter and downpours, just snap on the optional Poncho.
  • Accessories

    Fairing Bag

    You're on tour, and the rain clouds roll in: with the super-slim Fairing Bag, rain protection is always on hand. The bag has a special pocket for your keys and wallet, and it even offers enough additional space to store a jacket for those cooler Hours?
  • Accessories


    Zip up for consummate coziness. With the Rain Poncho, everything from your neck down will remain absolutely dry, even in a downpour. Just snap it onto the Fairing and climb in. Adjust using the magnetic zipper - finito.

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